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Bad News: The State of the World Economy

(as reported on CNN, Sky News and BBC)

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This smaller investment each month allows even the traders that are just beginning to be able to be competitive with the investors that are making a substantial profit each month and have the ability to spend a portion of their profits on expensive software.

stock srategies

The strategy that is used is that of catching a big up or downturn and then making a trade in the opposite direction, thus making profits on the natural movement that occurs daily.

If you are concerned with the complexity of trading, you will find that the OptionBot 2.0 is very straightforward and even the newest traders will be able to understand enough to regularly earn money in binary options.  The 7 day trial is perfect for being able to examine the software and taking a practice runs with it.

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The secrets to making money with binary options can appear to be complicated, but if you are tired of looking for a winning  that can get you started, you can move into the world of online trading quickly by trying out this new model.

In the past, the only way that someone could enter this elite profession would be to spend years investing in a university degree or occasionally secure a desirable internship with an organization that would train on the job.

In other words, this was a very challenging profession to enter into unless you had certain privileges or select degrees.  Your odds of becoming a successful trader with a lavish lifestyle were less that becoming a brain surgeon.

But, surprisingly things have changed with the development of the internet, and high speed computers now allowing traders to make accurate trades online every day.  The question is…”how does the average Joe learn how to make successful trades?”

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All of this information may sound like a bunch of hype, but it is true that with the help of this software guiding you through binary options trades, , in just a few months you could be in the process of changing your lifestyle to that of one of the elite.

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You may have heard of a binary option if you are a seasoned trader and are familiar with trading in the stock market.  However, this might be a new term to you.  In that case, we will define this concept for you.  A binary option, also known as an all-or-nothing digital option,  is defined as “a type of option where the payoff is either some fixed amount of some asset or nothing at all.”

This type of option is also divided into 2 main types; they can either by a cash-or-nothing or asset-or-nothing binary option, thus earning the moniker binary, or merely having the possibility of two different final results.

Because this type of option has the attribute of the all or nothing yield, this can be one of the easiest trades to make and fully grasp.

When a binary option is settled, they are treated as European-style options, as opposed to the American-style option.  American-style options can be exercised at any point before the option expires, while a single pre-defined instance determines the conclusion of a European-style option.

At the close of this European-style option, only one of two results can come about.  They can either close in the money, at which time a set dollar amount, which has previously been agreed to, will be paid, or if the options close out of the money, nothing is gained and the trader will receive absolutely nothing.  This is different from the traditional option in that the full pay out comes about as the result of just one pip movement.

Binary options are commonly called digital options in the trading marketplace.

  1.  You first must understand that there are only two end results that can occur with a binary optio, and if you learn to predict the movement of the asset with regards to its direction, in contrast to a conventional trade that requires you to know the degree to which it might move, you will be able to trade this way.
  2.  To determine your position, you must decide if you think the price of the asset will go up or the specific event you are trading on will happen.  In that case you will want to buy the asset.  If you take the opposing position, you should sell.  Then, when the option expires, you will be paid on the value of your contract.
  3. Your third priority is to find out the way the price is established.  A contract price for a binary option is based on the likelihood of the even taking place.  For instance, if the value of the contract is $1,000 and the contract was last traded at $950, that indicates that 95% of the market thinks that this event will happen, and the contract will settle in-the-money.

There are certain upsides to trading binary options versus traditional options.  Some of these upsides are as follows:

  •  Easier to trade, since you only have to predict the direction that the asset will move and not the degree to which it will move.
  •  The risk to reward ratio is more controlled, since they are pre-set in the very beginning.  Traditional trades can have losses or gains with no boundaries.
  •  Strategies used with the trades done via the usual means of typical options trading can be used while trading binary options as well.
  •  The profits received when binary options settle in-the-money are achieved even if it reaches this point by merely one tick.
  •  Binary options are very flexible, offering contracts that close at various times during a trading day, with other contracts that might span three months, making it convenient for traders to choose the one that fits their trading needs.

When trading Binary Options, you must realize that even though they are frequently traded in Europe, the Markets in the U. S. are very different.   You must be a members of the Chicago Board of Trade, or have a member of this exchange that you can execute trades through.  The minimum value of each contract is $1,000.


Another area that has to be considered when trading a binary option is the implicit transaction cost, or the ability to be able to predict market outcomes in a consistent manner, thereby causing high transaction costs to either diminish or wipe out any positive return.


If you are interested in an approach to investing that is different that the traditional way of speculating or hedging, you should consider binary options that can offer the advantage of knowing what the risk is upfront, with a pre-determined reward as well.  There is no expense to you for commissions and binary options are available with numerous entry price points and dates of expiration.  Be sure to pay attention to your broker and the way that their trading rules are set out in order to be informed of any risks that you may encounter before you make a trade.








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